Triple Chance Hi-Lo

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Triple Chance Hi-Lo
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Triple Chance Hi-Lo Slot Review

Triple Chance Hi-Lo from Play N Go is an online slot game that basically is all about guessing whether or not the next number to be spun on the reel will be higher or lower than the present number on the reel. For all the necessary game play information read the review below.

Triple Chance Hi-Lo has three reels and each of the reels will only contain the numbers from 1 to 13.  It is all based on odds and you are required to predict whether the number of each of the reels will be higher or lower in value after the next spin.

How to Play Triple Chance Hi-Lo

The first thing that you need to do is select your betting stake which ranges from £0.50 up to £5.00 per spin.  Then you will press the ‘Start’ button and then you will select the Hi or Lo button for any one of the three reels after which the the spin will take place.  A correct selection will see the win amount collected and added to your stake ready for the next spin.

There is a small box located above and below each reel which will display your return for a successful Hi or Lo selection. The more unlikely a potential outcome is of succeeding the higher the pay-out will be if successful.  Should the number displayed on a reel be a 1 or a 13 you will have no Hi or Lo option available.

Your win can be collected after any spin you have been successful with.   There is also a shuffle button that above it has six columns with three segments in each column.  Each full column will allow you one shuffle of the reels if you don’t like what you see and every successful spin will see one segment in a column filled.


More most slot players you would be entertained but not for very long.  It could be said there is a modicum of skill involved here than can be used to try and gain the maximum 1000 coins prize.

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